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Ohio governor Mike and Mrs. Fran DeWine welcome to their residence Ukrainians displaced by the war and organizations supporting their integration. Thank you for your leadership, humanity and standing with truth!


U. S. President Biden travels to Kyiv, Ukraine and meets with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy.


Local and federal dignitaries including Deputy Secretary of State Wendy R. Sherman met to discuss continued support to Ukraine in communities like Parma. Attendees included Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, Cuyahoga Executive Chris Ronayne,  Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter and UUOhio President Marta Liscynesky-Kelleher.

Former Senator Rob Portman

An Ohio native, Robert Portman has served as our Senator continuously since 2010. Highly respected for his wisdom. effectiveness and ability to engage in bipartisan legislative processes, Senator Portman has been a truly outstanding servant of all Ohioans and an indispensable ally of the Ukrainian-American community of Ohio. He is the co-founder and co-chair of the Senate Ukraine Caucus and has been the leader in developing major legislation and policy supporting Ukraine’s democratic development and allyship with the United States. He is considered to be the senator most informed on matters relating to Ukraine. He has visited Ukraine over 8 times and was the first senator to travel to Kyiv and meet with President Zelensky of Ukraine after the illegal and unjustified invasion by the Russian Federation on February 24, 2022. Since that time, he has spoken on the floor of the senate every week, supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Senator Portman and his staff have maintained regular and frequent communication with United Ukrainian Organizations of Ohio. More than any other senator in history, Robert Portman has understood the importance of a democratic, independent and prosperous Ukraine for the continuing security and economic strength of the United States.

Honoring Sen. Portman for his service to Ohio’s nationality groups, including Ukrainians: Marta Liscynesky-Kelleher and Matt Dolan – cleveland.com
— Read on www.cleveland.com/opinion/2022/12/honoring-sen-portman-for-his-service-to-ohios-nationality-groups-including-ukrainians-marta-liscynesky-kelleher-and-matt-dolan.html

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur

Marcy Kaptur is a native and long-time resident of Ohio and has served continuously since 1983 as a representative from the 9th Congressional district. She is currently the longest-tenured woman in either house of Congress. She has been a highly effective legislator and a staunch ally of the Ukrainian-American Community of Ohio. She is the co-founder and co-chair of the Congressional Ukraine Caucus, has remained extraordinarily well-informed on matters relating to our community and to Ukraine, has visited Ukraine numerous times and has supported a wide range of policies and legislation supporting agricultural, academic and cultural partnerships between institutions in Ohio and Ukraine. Congresswoman Kaptur and her staff liaise regularly with the United Ukrainian Organizations of Ohio and the wider Ukrainian-American community of Ohio. Since February 24, 2022, Congresswoman Kaptur has voted consistently to punish the Russian Federation and to strongly support Ukraine in its struggle for sovereignty and territorial integrity. She has made numerous statements on those themes. The Ukrainian American community of Ohio has never had a better ally in the House of Representatives than Congresswoman Kaptur.


Governor Mike DeWine

Within one day of the Russian invasion, Governor DeWine condemned Russia’s illegal action and expressed full support for Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity. Within two days, Governor DeWine declared a day of prayer for Ukraine across Ohio and with his wife, Fran DeWine, prayed with our community in Parma. Within 2 weeks he called for a summit, in the heart of Ukrainian Village, of various service organizations to ensure that Ohio was prepared to welcome Ukrainian refugees. He prohibited state purchases from Russian companies, directed pension funds to divest themselves of Russian holdings, and within one month of the invasion ordered the state collection of surplus vests, helmets and other equipment for the civilian defense of Ukraine. Over 2,000 pieces of personal protective equipment were collected, delivered to a warehouse here in Cleveland and shipped to Ukraine’s territorial defense units. those vests are now protecting those who are protecting the freedom of the free world. Governor DeWine’s rapid, effective and ongoing response makes him an exemplar, a model for other states.